Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Dangers of DIY Orthodontics

A little over a year ago, the American Association of Orthodontists issued a public service announcement regarding the dangers of do-it-yourself orthodontics. That announcement was back in the news earlier this year in the wake of a survey the Association conducted on its members which found that 13% of them had treated someone who attempted orthodontics on themselves. As providers of orthodontics at Bensalem Dentistry, we understand the complexity of misalignment corrections and wish to impress upon our patients the necessity of professional supervision.

The length of orthodontic treatment is not an attempt to milk the patient for payments. Teeth are living bones, and moving them requires them to be moved through other living bones. Shifting teeth too quickly will compromise the strength of the jawbone, leaving the teeth loose and at risk of falling out or migrating to their former position.

Many DIY substitutes for wires are also dangerous. Applying elastic bands, floss, and so forth, directly around teeth is likely to put too much pressure on them, restricting their blood supply. Without brackets, these binding materials will likely slide into the wearer’s gum pocket, requiring professional tools to remove.

The services we provide are meant to ensure a lifetime of oral health. Please visit us if you have misaligned teeth instead of doing something which will cost you much more.

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