Thursday, May 25, 2017

Guided Canine Eruption

Orthodontics can correct numerous types of malocclusion, sparing patients discomfort and health difficulties later in life. While many people are aware that teenagers commonly have difficulty with unerupted wisdom teeth, they may not be aware of how often canine teeth get stuck. Whenever possible, we use orthodontics to guide canines into place instead of removing them.

The canine teeth are the pointy ones in between the incisors and premolars. While they are helpful for piercing foods, they are even more important for stabilizing the point of maximum change of curvature in the teeth arch. If the canines are caught completely below the gum line, incisions will be necessary to expose them before orthodontic brackets can be placed.

Because unerupted canines will be above or below the other teeth, some unusual –looking orthodontic wires are used to connect them to the other brackets. These loop-shaped wires are called ballista springs. Guiding canines into place usually takes about a year. Because adult face bones usually prevent teeth from being moved as extensively as completely unerupted canines require, it is crucial that patients receive this kind of orthodontic treatment as teenagers.

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