Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sedation Dentistry

At Bensalem Dentistry we know far too many patients put off dental work because of an anxiety or fear about the procedure. Some patients have had painful or traumatic dental appointments in the past that give them fear, and others may have sensitive teeth or a sensitive gag reflex that makes dental work dreadful. These are not reasons to put yourself at risk by leaving dental issues untreated!
We are equipped to offer sedation to anxious patients, and strive to make the process as comfortable as possible for each patient. In addition to using local anesthetic in the area of a procedure, we have the following options available for sedation:
  • ·        Nitrous Oxide, also called laughing gas, is inhaled by the patient and causes a sleepy euphoria before the patient drifts off
  • ·        Oral Conscious Sedation, or taking a sedative orally before the procedure, keeps the patient awake but they remain completely relaxed and experience no pain
  • ·        Anxiolysis, also administered by taking a pill orally, is most recommended for anxious patients
  • ·        IV Sedation delivers medicine straight into your blood stream to work quickly, and the level of sedation can be adjusted during the procedure
Bensalem Dentistry can help anyone experience anxiety-free dental appointments. Dr. Michael Eisenbrock runs Bensalem Dentistry at 3554 Hulmeville Road, Suite 111, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, 19020. To schedule an appointment, call 215-874-4042 or visit BensalemDentistry.com and fill out a contact sheet.


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