Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sugar and Tooth Enamel

The primary cause of tooth decay is due to a lack of proper oral hygiene habits. The second culprit, however, is sugar. If you consume sugary beverages on a daily basis, these soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and more have high acid levels that can cause tooth erosion. When these sugars are left on the teeth, they can create cavities. To keep your mouth cavity-free, Dr. Michael Eisenbrock, DDS of Bensalem Family Dentistry encourages you to limit sugar consumption.

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in our bodies but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn down. When sugar combines with bacteria in the mouth it produces acids that attack tooth enamel. Sugary beverages like fruit juice can be diluted with water to reduce the acidity that destroys enamel. We don’t expect you to kick the habit completely, but you’ll do your smile a favor by consuming more water or milk as these are low in acidity.  

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