Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pain around Fillings

Patients at Bensalem Family Dentistry are assured of getting high-quality fillings. This restorative procedure is an important means of preventing decay, as it stops bacteria from hiding within caries. Some sensitivity immediately after placement of an implant is normal, but if pain persists or starts again later on, it is important for the patient to come to us for help.

A high filling is one which prevents the patient from fully biting down without pain. This should not happen, and if it does, the fillings will need to be replaced with one that is a better fit. If a patient is in pain after getting a filling but is able to bite down, the decay may have already reached a deeper part of the tooth. Some materials used for fillings may also shrink, allowing bacteria to colonize the area between the filling and the sealant and continue causing decay.

Fillings do not last forever. The area around one could become painful if the seal holding the filling in place breaks. This would create another area for bacteria to hide in. To ensure that fillings never become a problem, visit us regularly and we will replace them.

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