Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why It is So Important To Replace a Missing Tooth

When a permanent tooth falls out or is extracted, some of the issues may seem obvious. It could be unappealing to the eye or it could create difficulties eating. There are problems that go beyond the obvious matters, though. Here at Bensalem Dentistry of Bensalem, PA, we want our patients to know why it is so important to replace a missing tooth.

When a tooth is missing, the chewing problems that arise will create an unbalanced jaw. This can cause pain and structural problems in the jaw. When the tooth is not replaced soon, the bone tissue in that area will begin to deteriorate. This complicates future replacement of the tooth. Also, when the jaw bone in that area becomes smaller, the other teeth will start to shift toward that open space. This creates spaces within the other teeth and hard-to-reach areas where bacteria may build up. When multiple teeth are missing in an area and are not replaced, this deterioration will cause the jaw to change shape, which in turn changes the shape of the facial structure.

Here at our Bensalem, PA dentistry, we have several options for tooth replacement. We can offer dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. Dentures are available in full and partial forms and are available to be placed immediately or conventionally.

If you have lost a tooth, consider a consultation for replacement sooner rather than later. To schedule a consultation or to learn more, contact Bensalem Dentistry of Bensalem, PA at (215) 638-9952 or by visiting our website, www.bensalemdentistry.com

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