Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Which is Better, an Electric Toothbrush or a Manual Toothbrush?

There has been much debate about whether or not using an electric toothbrush has benefits over a manual toothbrush. At Bensalem Dentistry in Bensalem, PA, our patients want to know which is better. This is why we are going to talk about the benefits of an electric toothbrush and whether or not they have any advantages over a manual toothbrush.

In recent studies, it has been shown that manual toothbrushes do just a good of a job brushing teeth as electric ones. For users who purchase the more expensive sonic toothbrushes, there have been less cases of gingivitis; however, this could be due to the fact that those who spend more on their healthcare are usually better at keeping a good healthcare routine. For the most part, manual and electric toothbrushes do the same job brushing. This may change for those who have trouble using their hands. Those with say, arthritis, may benefit from using an electric toothbrush since they do almost all of the work; you just need to hold them at the correct angle.

Electric toothbrushes do have other benefits, like most of them have timers to make sure you are getting a full two minutes of brushing. Others sing or play music which is good for getting the kids to want to brush their teeth.

Overall, the electric toothbrush may work well for some, but it really depends on the brusher. Manual toothbrushes have been shown to clean your teeth just as well. To schedule your examination and cleaning, call Bensalem Dentistry of Bensalem, PA at (215) 638-9952. For more information, visit our website, www.bensalemdentistry.com

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