Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bad Oral Habits

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, Dr. Michael Eisenbrock of Bensalem Family Dentistry encourages you to review your oral hygiene habits. Additionally, bad habits such as nail biting, and opening your X-Box controller with your teeth, can be detrimental to tooth enamel. Additional bad habits that can cause sensitive teeth include the following, and we encourage you to cut back on them immediately.

  • You’re brushing too hard – over time, if you brush with too much force, you can wear down the protective layers of your teeth and expose the microscopic hollow tubes or canals that lead to your dental nerves. When these tubules are exposed, tooth sensitivity is a result.

  • You’re eating too many acidic foods – If the pathways to your nerves are exposed, acidic foods will cause you pain.

  • You have tooth decay – If you have tooth decay, it’s easy for bacteria to accumulate in these tiny crevices, which causes acid build-up and enamel breakdown.

  • You’re a tooth grinder – Grinding your teeth can wear down your enamel. This exposes the dentin and causes sensitive teeth.

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  1. Yeah I agree, brushing too hard might be causing damage to the tooth enamel and hurting the gums. BRUSH SMARTER, NOT HARDER

  2. When I was younger I use to grind teeth really bad, in some of them I had to get them filled since I grind them to the nerve. They're no where are bad as his are though.

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