Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Choosing the Right Toothbrush for You

Choosing the right toothbrush could mean the difference between enjoying your nighttime routine or not. At Bensalem Family Dentistry, we know that every patient in our Bensalem, PA dentistry is different. That is why we want to give guidelines for picking out the right toothbrush for you.

Let’s start with the grip. Grip is important for being able to maneuver the toothbrush around your mouth. Thicker toothbrushes and especially ones with non-slip grips are best. Next, the size of your toothbrush’s head is also very important. You want to pick a smaller one so that you can fit it around your whole mouth. Bigger toothbrush heads make it difficult to reach every surface of your teeth.

Studies have shown that manual toothbrushes do just as good of a brushing job as electric ones do, however, for those who have difficulty using their hands, an electric toothbrush may help them get a better cleaning. For instance, those with arthritis who cannot twist and grip as easily anymore may not be able to scrub their teeth the best. An electric toothbrush basically does all the work. You just need to hold it in position. In addition, electric toothbrushes often have timers.

For kids, there are a ton of toothbrushes that have their favorite cartoon character on them. There are also ones that play music. These functions get kids excited about brushing their teeth.

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