Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Eat Cheese to Keep Your Teeth

Cheese lovers rejoice, because a study completed by the Academy of General Dentistry has proven that the delicious dairy product does wonders for teeth. Although we love to see you here at Bensalem Dentistry, we want you to protect your teeth against cavities to avoid fillings. Therefore, if you want to prevent against tooth decay, introduce a little more cheddar into your lifestyle.  

Cheese helps reduce cavities forming in teeth because it neutralizes plaque acid. A pH level lower than 5.5 puts a person at risk of tooth erosion, which is a process that wears away tooth enamel therefore, the higher the pH level on the surface of teeth, the more they are protected against dental erosion, which causes cavities and leads to fillings. Researchers have found that the fermented dairy product produces more alkaline (pH) which in turn, boosts pH levels reducing the need for dental treatment. It also creates a protective film around the teeth which further protects them against the acids that attack enamel.

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