Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Intraoral Camera

At Bensalem Dentistry, we use the most advanced technology to help as make an accurate diagnosis. That’s why we offer patients the intraoral camera. Not all dental problems can be detected through a visual exam alone. The intraoral camera is a small device, which is used in order to view areas of the mouth, which may not be visible through an exam or x-ray.

Since the camera is small, it is comfortable for patients. The intraoral camera is placed inside the patient’s mouth and can zoom in on areas of concern. Problems areas, such as cavities or decay, can be magnified, which allows dental issues to be identified sooner than through an exam.

The intraoral camera technology also allows us to transmit the images onto a monitor for you to view. This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself dental problems. Because you will see the dental issues firsthand, you will be able to take an active role in your treatment plan with a thorough understanding of the problem.

In addition to the intraoral camera, we also offer advanced technology, such as digital x-rays and sedation dentistry. Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff are experienced in various areas of dental care including cosmetic, restorative and periodontics. For more information on the intraoral camera or any of our services, please call Bensalem Dentistry at 215-638-9952.

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